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The top flooring materials suited for a home gym

It’s a complete bliss to have your personal gym area. A personal gym implies – you’re free to come whenever you like without any time restrictions that are found at commercial fitness centers. A personal gym has your personal massage tables, physio ball, step bench, and other fitness equipment.

However, before moving your crosstrainer, physio ball, and pair of dumbbells, it’s appropriate to ask yourself a question: “Have I thought of gym flooring?”  Chances of the answer being a “No way!” are thick.

Of course, most of us don’t prioritize flooring of gym areas, but that doesn’t subvert its significance. For instance, a cozy master bedroom has carpeted flooring, but, using similar carpet material in a gym floor can make you cringe.  The reason being carpeted gym flooring is way too thick and can shred easily: A perfect recipe for Inconvenience and loss.   Therefore, selecting proper flooring for home fitness centers is important. Read further to know the best flooring options for home gymnasiums.    

Rubber horse mat

Rubber mats were first placed in a stable as they helped ease the pressure on a horse’s joints. A little relief from the pressure on knee joints can be used by those who do strenuous workouts. The mats are dense, heavy plus come in a range of heights (preferably 4 ft. by 6 ft.) and weights (preferably 45 kg). Finding interlocked edges within rubber horse mats is hard. Most gymnasium owners, however, report that edges of the rubber mat does not lift up or curl due to its heavyweight.

Floor tiles made using virgin rubber

A must-have for any home gym is a set of pure rubber tiles. If you don’t have any type of budgetary constraints, then select gym floor tiles that are made of virgin rubber. The tiles can cost a bomb, but they’re worth every single penny. A 100 percent virgin rubber doesn’t have any type of adulteration or mixture and lasts for a long time. Another plus point of virgin rubber gym floor tiles is they don’t reek. A stench, otherwise, is common in recycled floor tiles; the stench, most of the times, makes exercising harder. Also, a virgin rubber floor tile absorbs a lot of moisture and is easy to clean.

Cork flooring

If you love to hit the gym and happen to be an environmentalist, then go for cork flooring. The type of floor material has been in vogue since the number of environmentalists has spiked. Because of its softness, the cork material is suited for home gyms. When you wish to do high-intensity workouts – involving a lot of jumping – then cork flooring is apt. The type of floor material can withstand heavy impacts. Further, cork flooring for home gyms is more suited than vinyl floors.

EVA foam tiles 

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foams are easy to obtain and lightweight. In addition, home gymnasium tiles that are made of EVA foams come in an array of colors.  Interlocked EVA foam tiles for a home’s fitness center are priced economically.

All the above-named floor types are best suited for home fitness centers. Always remember, a fitness center’s floor makes a lot of impact on your workouts.

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