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How to get rid of flabby arms?

Flabby arms are a sure sign of excess percentage of fat in the body and less muscle development. Flabby arms are seen in the women as well as men which creates a bad impression to their personality. The main reason behind flabby arms is that the triceps muscle gets covered by fat and the arm becomes flabby, and that definition or that sharpness doesn’t come out. To get rid of flabby arms a lot of exercises, body-weight exercises could be practiced, but the most important factor is the reduction in the total body fat percentage. If one says that, a particular part will lose the fat, it’s obviously not possible the sharpness will only come with the reduction of fat percentage in the body. Arms are a combination of two muscles, i.e., TRICEPS AND BICEPS, where triceps is a bigger muscle which should be given more importance while working on your arms. Once the triceps become defined and clear the arms will get a boost and will lead to a better look and to obtain such good arms, one must reduce the fat from the upper arm, i.e., your triceps muscle.

It’s difficult to target weight-loss to a specific area. Yes, that means all of those burn stomach fat fast adverts are not real. The bright side is that a little calorie deficit will guarantee that you slim down from all over the body.

Body mass index is an estimation that informs you whether you are in a healthy weight range or not. BMI tells about the total proportion of FAT, WATER LEVEL and different aspects of a body and it becomes necessary to know about the body type, structure and its composition to set targets.

If you have checked your BMI and it shows that you do have some fat to lose and the best way is to cut down your per day calorie intake and stay away from bad fats and bad carbs. Patience is the name of the game even if you have a lot to lose you will reach there steadily. Bad eating habits are often the main reason for the excess of fat.


Kickback is one of the most reliable exercises to lower the fat from triceps muscles and make it look bolder, sharp. This exercise is a must to get rid of flabby arms, it can be practiced with a dumbbell or a cable row as comfortable but always keep in mind about your form of doing the exercise.

Reverse triceps pushdown is a very effective exercise to get rid of flabby arms. Usually, people avoid doing this the reverse grip because if it’s hard gripping ability but if handled properly using the mind to muscle connection, it gives tremendous results. Giving 3-4 sets with 15-20 repetitions will lead to better arms and less fat.

As I was discussing earlier, the total body fat reduction is very important to get rid of flabby arms until and unless the fat will not get reduced the arms will not look drastic and the plank is a great move. The getup plank focuses on the triceps muscle, and a few defined reps will lead to a better quality muscle and reduction in fat.

The overhead triceps extension is a very common exercise to buff up the arms and shoulders as well, but when the focus is to remove that fat on your upper arm, do practice this exercise with a rope and that too with a full range of motion repeating 10-15 reps. Keep in mind regarding the mind to muscle connection which if the most important aspect of doing any exercise.

Bench dips are a very simple and an old-school exercise, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, this is something which is going to work effectively. As the other exercises bench dips also work on various muscles which include pectorals, deltoids, collar bones and others but this exercise is a pro in reducing the upper arm fat. Regular repetitions produce tension in the muscle which is very important to cut the fat portion, three sets of 15 repetitions will help you out.

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