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How Can Physical Activity Help The Children?

You are an active member in the social circles in your area. You stay in a residential flat housing 25 families in Bangalore. At present, you notice many children do not come out to play, as their parents are working professionals. These children rarely indulge in physical activity. The result – they suffer from a variety of minor body problems such as cold, fever and other ailments.

Being a child pediatrician, you understand the value of physical activity for the tiny tots. You release a two page document in your apartment for the residents who have children. The content of the document is as follows –

It is a myth that physical activity for the children involves rigorous activity. The myth is false. They can also participate in simple activities such as running and jogging or even running up the stairs.

  • A child indulging in physical activity has a healthy heart. Similar to other parts of the body, the performance of heart increases when challenged by bouts of physical activity. A healthy heart can assist in warding off diseases of the children.
  • It helps keep the veins and arteries clear. An activity such as running reduces the fat and cholesterol in a child. The activity will enhance the flexibility of the blood vessels walls and can help reduce blood pressure. So the chances of paralysis and heart attack stay very low.
  • If your child plays football, then his/her lung capacity will increase. The child will need more oxygen, and toxins will be expelled in the body in the form of sweat. Consistent exercise will ensure that the oxygen intake is normal.
  • IF you child goes to a tennis class, then muscles will need more sugar. The glucose in the bloodstream will be used for energy conversion. The intense activity will reduce the child from getting diabetes at a future age.
  • Many children become obese if they do not participate in any kind of physical activity. Usually, children who are addicted to mobile games and other indoor activities tend to pile up a lot of fat because of accumulation of more calories. If your child participates in basketball, then he/she will need more fat and glucose. It will be taken from the blood stream. In this way, the child may never suffer from obesity or fat related diseases.
  • Your child’s muscles are tender. They will become strong when subjected to physical stress by play. In due course of time, the bones also get stronger. Physical activity enhances the bone density of a child which helps prevent osteoporosis, the condition when bones become fragile.
  • If your child participates in regular physical activity, the chances of getting affected by cancer are dim.
  • In these days, it is the children who have a tough lifestyle. They have to satisfy the expectation of their parents, teachers, school and friends. They can be subjected to high mental pressure, leading to more stress. A child, with regular physical activity will rarely suffer from stress and other hormonal problems.
  • If your child exercises at least for three days in a week, they will be more energetic and active. Chances are their memory power will also receive a boost.
  • Is your child a bundle of high positive energy? Keeping them confined to a room for study will mean curbing their natural instincts. Let them play to their will. After play, they can easily concentrate on their studies.

After reading the document, all the parents in your residential building approves of the content. They ensure that their child gets involved in physical activities such as gardening, running and jogging in the park etc.

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Now you focus on the next aspect – Physical activity for the parents of your building. You begin drafting content regarding benefits of opting for online gym personal trainers in Bangalore.

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