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Exercise Routine To Lose Weight Fast

Let’s friends, Keep it up! Many of Runner hate us a bit for causing you aches and pains in the aches and muscles you did not know you had. Surely all these efforts are worth it when you see that your waist begins to shrink.

Moreover, it is that neither the operation bikini, nor the diet with which your best friend lost 20 kg nor the 8 kms that you walk every day. If there is no way to eliminate those annoying kilos of more you have reached the indicated site. We present an exercise program with which you will significantly increase energy expenditure, contributing to the burning of fat and toning those areas more sensitive to receiving adipose tissue … and in just 8 minutes! For this, we want to propose a challenge: do this series of exercises daily for a month.

With this simple program you will test your resistance, using a high intensity system that will help you burn that localized fat quickly while you get strong as a rock, in a simple way: in the dining room of your house, in your park favorite, etc..No need of gyms, facilities or specialized equipment. You will be surprised with the results!

We hope you will be able to meet this challenge without negatively remembering us. The posture you can do in the summer will thank you!

Exercise and dietary measures: keys to weight loss.

Keep in mind that physical exercise alone is not the only effective measure to lose weight, especially when there is a high overweight and you have to lose a lot of weight. However, instead, it is shown that it significantly increases the effectiveness of dietary measures to lose weight. Thus, if you want to lose weight effectively it is a good idea to workout exercise, but to achieve good results it is essential that food is taken care of in parallel.

PLYOMETRIC BANK: Climb up one leg in height with the trunk straight energetically so that we jump changing the support.

JUMPING JACKS: Perform jumps performing a simultaneous abduction of arms and legs stretched on the site.

STRIDE: Perform a deep step forward with the trunk straight without the knee of the forward leg overcoming the projection of the tip of your foot and then return to the starting position

FRONT CLIMB: With the hands resting on the floor and the arms extended, we keep the body in a horizontal position while we take one knee towards the chest flexing the leg. We do it in an alternative way, changing the leg

PLANK: Resting our hands on the ground, we make a backward jump with our feet together so that we extend the body horizontally and then return to the standing position and make a jump upwards

ANKLE REBOTS: With the body as stretched as possible to perform jumps using only the momentum of our ankles, we must flex the ankle during the flight to be able to extend it energetically when we reach the ground and return to bounce

SITTING JUMP: Perform the movement of squat but making an energetic extension of knees and hips during the climb that allows us to separate the ground.

BANK: Go up supporting one leg in height with the trunk straight while we raise the opposite knee to the waist and move the arms.

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