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A couple of treadmill workout mistakes that should be avoided

A treadmill is a bang-up running machine that can even be used for exercising when the weather outside isn’t favorable.  And most of all, operating treadmills is just so simple; you punch a few buttons and then it’s all systems go. Using a treadmill, however, isn’t as simple as it seems. Yes! Operating the running equipment is simple, but using it is easier said than done. A thin line of distinction exists between operating and using the equipment.

In reality, many of us don’t know how to use a treadmill, and, thus, end up committing blunders. A faulty workout over treadmills can even lead to a few serious injuries. Having said that, listed below are a few common mistakes performed by treadmill runners, and how can they be avoided. 

Are you skipping those important warm-up sessions?

Missing tune-up sessions isn’t advisable. Why? Ok let’s consider an example. Suppose you want to drink a cup of tea. What happens if you don’t prepare for it? What if you just drink hot water and eat tea leaves afterward. The result is tasteless, right? Why everything was tasteless when you did whatever was required? That’s because you didn’t follow an appropriate method to make the tea. Likewise, when you don’t warm up and prepare well in advance for an exercising session, then everything will be futile.

Your body has to be fully prepared for some strenuous running. If you start running on a treadmill without warm-up sessions, then you’ll get tired easily. Warm-up sessions also help in preventing some serious injuries.  In general, a warm-up session includes stretching exercises and working with dumbbells. 

Do you do something else while walking on treadmills?

Most of us don’t use cardio machines properly. We just use the equipment for having the comforting feeling of doing exercise. Many read magazines while walking on treadmills. Such people often complain of not losing weight. Why? It’s because these people aren’t trying too hard.  While working out on a treadmill, you will have to challenge yourself a little. You have to consistently change speed as well as incline of the running machine to break a sweat and see the results.

Do you hold onto siderails of a treadmill?

Now, most treadmill operators know that working out upon the machine while having high incline helps in burning calories.  Many, however, walk upon the machine’s inclined surface while holding onto its siderails. Tut-tut, that’s why the operators haven’t become users of the machine.  Not holding on siderails while still walking upon the cardio machine’s inclined surface helps you develop strength and burn more calories.

Do you change pace?

You have to change paces while working out upon treadmills to build an effective training session. It’s quite boring while working out at the same pace.  It’s good to do a high-speed running and then switch to a jog upon the equipment. Such a type of training is referred to as interval training.

Try new workout trends on treadmills only after consulting your gym instructor. One of the freshest trends is wearing ankle weights while doing workouts on treadmills.  Try avoiding all the above-mentioned bloopers and see quick results.

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